John Kiely, M.D., Has Over 30 Years of Experience Treating Hair Loss with Hair Transplant Surgery in DC, Maryland, Virginia, & Pennsylvania.

Since 1981, Dr. John Kiely has utilized the latest surgical techniques in hair transplantation, mini/micro-grafting follicular units, as the only proven way to efficiently move hair to the thinning areas to provide not only coverage, but fuller, thicker hair in the treated areas of patients in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and the surrounding communities.

Why Call Dr. Kiely?

  • More than 30 years of experience and over 14,000 procedures performed on men and women
  • Save time and money: all consultations, surgeries, and follow-ups done personally by Dr. John Kiely
  • For Female Patients with HAIR LOSS: The evaluation includes an internal medicine consultation and a laboratory work-up by Dr. John Kiely, Board-Certified, Hopkins-trained Internist (a unique service provided by Dr. Kiely)
  • Evening and Saturday consultations available by appointment

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