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While hair loss affects people of all ages, it is most common with men in their late 20’s and older and women in their late 30’s and older. No matter the cause, it impacts their perceived appearance as well as their self-esteem. With today’s medical advancements, hair restoration is done through procedures that are medical, non-surgical, and surgical. These procedures often result in a fuller head of natural-looking hair that allows patients to regain a more youthful appearance and greater self-confidence.

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss (alopecia) naturally occurs with everyone on a daily basis. In fact, the average person loses 50 to 100 hairs each day. For most people, this hair is usually replaced by newly growing hair. However, for some, hair loss is much more prominent and permanent. This happens when the scalp does not grow new hair to replace the lost hair.

The causes of hair loss vary and are usually due to factors associated with heredity, hormones, illness (fever) and the environment. No matter the cause of permanent hair loss, it is important for those who want a full head of hair to understand that there are solutions to correct this issue and give them the hair they had or want.

Are Only Men Affected by Hair Loss?

Even though men are slightly more predominantly affected by hair loss, women are affected by hair loss as well. In fact, it is estimated that about 40% of those affected by hair loss are women.

What Are the Treatments for Hair Loss?

There are several options for restoring hair including hair restoration treatments, laser hair therapy, and prescription drug therapy.

What Do Hair Restoration Treatments Cost?

The cost of hair restoration varies based on each patient’s needs and the treatments needed to achieve those needs. Dr. Kiely accepts cash, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) and personal checks.

With more than 30 years of experience and over 14,000 procedures performed treating hair loss for men and women in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, Dr. Kiely recognizes that each patient has unique requirements and desires. His services have improved the lives of people from in and around Baltimore. Dr. Kiely specializes in hair loss solutions for men and women by performing hair transplantation procedures such as Follicular Unit Extraction, Mini-Micro Grafting and Micro Grafting. If you are looking for self-improvement in the form of hair restoration, Dr. Kiely and his professional team will accommodate your needs! Please call 301-468-2335 today to schedule your free initial consultation!

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