Dr. Kiely is the expert to contact for hair loss for anyone in and around Bethesda, MD. While plenty of products are sold on shelves, the only first step is to talk to a doctor to find out what is really going on with your scalp.

Are You Losing Hair?

Men start to worry when they notice strands of hair whenever they take a shower. Losing short hair might be a sign of balding, but some follicles are pulled out by vigorous massaging. Although most hair loss starts near the temples, short hair can create the illusion of balding. It is better to let the doctor have a look. Hair loss is caused by a drop in testosterone and decreased blood flow to follicles.

Can You Fight Hair Loss Naturally?

Good diet and exercise improves all bodily systems and are a benefit to hair as well. Often the problem is a lack of new hair follicles, and only an expert like Dr. Kiely can help with this. He can offer lotions that stimulate hair growth and hair transplants as an advanced option.

Determining the Best Hair Treatment for You

Most hair loss can be treated with vitamins and stimulating medicines. The level of treatment determines the final cost, although a full head of hair is often worth the price of treatment. People unable to stimulate new hair follicles can receive transplants that get the ball rolling again. It all depends on a personal diagnosis that is between you and Dr. Kiely.

About Dr. Kiely

This established and recognized hair replacement surgeon has practiced for 30 years and has a long list of satisfied customers. He serves patients from the entire state of Maryland, including Bethesda and Towson. His clientele has included many women as well as men.


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