Dr. Kiely uses the latest hair loss procedures for the residents of Cockeysville, MD.

Also known as alopecia, hair loss is the loss of hair from the head or body, and it can come on gradually or at a sudden onset. It is commonly seen in men, but anyone can find themselves affected. Whether you have noticed a receding hairline or have a bald spot at the top of your head that is beginning to branch out, we have a hair loss solution that will help you regain your hair and your confidence.

What Are the Procedures to Combat Hair Loss?

Dr. Kiely is able to perform a variety of hair loss procedures, and the most common involves the minimally invasive option of hair transplantation. The hairs in the back of the head are generally more resistant to balding, and a strip of this hair is surgically removed. The individual hair follicles are then transferred to the area of concern.

How Do I Know Which Treatment Is the Best Option to Combat Hair Loss?

Each hair loss case is unique, and our staff takes the time to consult with you prior to your surgery. We look at your condition and help you determine which option will give you the best chances for success.

About Dr. Kiely

If you are seeking a solution for hair loss in Cockeysville, MD, Dr. Kiely has the credentials you can count on. He is a board-certified physician and a member of the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, and the International Society of Hair Restoration. Call today for a consultation.

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