Dr. Kiely performs hair loss procedures for residents of Columbia, MD. Our skilled and personable staff is dedicated to delivering quality hair restoration services with attention to our patients’ comfort. Hair loss can be an emotional condition, and we work hard to ensure that patients are well-informed before the procedure. Our goal is for our patients to look and feel more confident after surgery.

What Are the Procedures to Combat Hair Loss?

For those wanting a more permanent solution to their hair loss, hair replacement surgery is the best option available. While topical treatments and toupees offer a temporary fix, hair replacement surgery can be a permanent solution. Hair transplants are the most common form of hair replacement surgery and involve using hair from donor sites that produce hair and transplanting them to areas with hair loss. Scalp reductions and flaps are less common procedures that are related to specific patient needs.

How Do I Know Which Treatment Is the Best Option to Combat Hair Loss?

Hair replacement is not an exact science, so results can vary, but in general, many of the procedures have the potential for delivering great results. Hair transplant surgery is a relatively common, safe, and versatile procedure. Scalp reductions are performed by surgically removing excess skin where hair is not growing to reduce the size of bald spots, so this procedure may work well for those with small bald spots. A final procedure that is less common and more risky involves cutting the scalp open and rotating the scalp (and hair) to the front where a receding hairline has formed; the new hairline is called the flap hairline, hence the procedure being referred to as a flap surgery.

About Dr. Kiely

Since 1981, Dr. John Kiely has been providing the latest techniques in hair restoration for patients. He is a board-certified physician and a member of multiple reputable medical organizations including the American Medical Association and the International Society of Hair Restoration. Dr. Kiely understands the sensitive nature of hair loss, and he is dedicated to performing every hair loss procedure personally to ensure the full satisfaction of patients in the Columbia, MD, area.

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