Dr. Kiely performs hair restoration procedures for the residents of Bethesda, MD.

What Is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration uses surgical and non-surgical means to counteract the symptoms of hair loss in men and women. Most individuals who go through hair restoration want to slow down the process of balding.

What Are the Most Recommended Treatments for Hair Restoration?

  • Hair Transplants: Hair transplants are surgical procedures in which hair follicles are transplanted from one section of the head to another. The hormone DHT is thought to be the main cause of balding. Follicles that do not contain the hormone are taken from the scalp and then placed inside the thinning areas of the head.
  • Laser Treatments: Surgical laser treatments cure early stage hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles and encouraging regrowth.
  • Medical Treatments: Medical treatments are available in liquid and pill form. Liquid medical treatments are applied directly onto the scalp. The formula penetrates the scalp and invigorates hair growth. Pills are taken by the mouth and work to inhibit the DHT hormone to slow the balding process.

How Do I Know Which Treatment Is the Best Option?

The longer the DHT hormone goes through the system, the more difficult it will be to overcome the balding. Laser treatments and liquid medical treatments are better for early stage balding as they mostly rely on stimulation. Hair transplants and pills are better for hair loss in the later stages. Anyone considering either of these should talk to Dr. Kiely as each individual responds to treatments differently.

About Dr. Kiely

Dr. Kiely has more than 30 years of professional experience and has performed over 14,000 procedures. He offers private consultations with every patient to understand their personal needs. Patients will feel at ease working with Dr. Kiely as he offers quality treatments and follow-up options.


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