Dr. Kiely performs hair restoration procedures for residents of Silver Spring, MD, and surrounding areas.

What Is Hair Restoration?

A hair restoration is a type of surgical or non-surgical procedure that involves the restoring of hair to areas where there has been hair loss in both men and women. Generally speaking, a hair restoration will counter the natural effects of hair loss that a person undergoes over time due to age and genetics.

What Are the Most Recommended Treatments for Hair Restoration?

Three different categories of treatments for hair restoration are available. These include a hair transplant, laser hair therapy, and prescription drug therapy. A hair transplant can be done by using one of the three different methods to bring hair back to the areas on the scalp that are balding. Laser hair therapy is a procedure that involves the use of infrared light therapy so that the scalp, specifically hair follicles, is stimulated and promotes growth. Prescription drug therapy is a type of treatment that involves reversing hair loss. In general, it is done using a topical solution such as Rogaine directly to the scalp to promote hair growth or regrowth.

How Do I Know What Treatment Is the Best Option?

To decide which hair restoration treatment is best for you, you will have to meet with Dr. Kiely and discuss your specific situation. From there, you will both be able to determine the treatment that best suits your needs.

About Dr. Kiely

Dr. Kiely is a reputable doctor in the area of hair restoration who is board certified and has more than 30 years of experience in his field. He graduated from Vanderbilt Medical School and is a respected member of the International Society of Hair Restoration and the American Medical Association. Dr. Kiely believes in providing quality care to his patients so that they can look and feel their best. He will work to the best of his abilities to find the procedure that is best for you and provide you with excellent results.


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