The best recommendations often don’t come from manufactured advertising but from the people who have first-hand experience. We feel that this is especially the case when it comes to Dr. Kiely’s hair restoration patients. Their stories are featured below:

Dr. Kiely's Reviews

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“I began losing my hair when I was in my early twenties. As my hair loss became more and more noticeable, I also noticed that my confidence level was changing and I wasn’t dealing with people in the same assured way that I always had. This affected my business as well as my social life. I looked in the mirror and didn’t see the same person that I was used to. I saw something less than I wanted.

When the idea of a transplant first came up, I was a little unsure at first, but after seeing the results on an old friend of mine, I was convinced to give it a try. I had no idea that the results would be so dramatic for me.

After much anticipation, my first procedure with Dr. Kiely was a breeze, as was each subsequent procedure. In a short period of time I went from being almost totally bald, to having pretty good coverage of head. Increasingly after each additional procedure, I had more and more coverage. After a while, I looked totally different. My coverage was good and my appearance was positively altered. So too, was my self-image and confidence.

I am very pleased with the results of hair transplant. My hair looks relatively natural and I have achieved the results and coverage that I was promised. I am comfortable with the way I look now, and I can go about my daily routine with complete confidence in my appearance. I still have donor area left and will continue to have periodic procedures to add fullness to my hair, but at this point I am satisfied that a hair transplant was and still is my best option for hair replacement.”

“Having had hair replacement surgery has given me a lot of self confidence, allowing me to have a more positive approach in both my personal and professional life.”

"I love what the hair transplantation has done for me."

“Through years of losing my hair so many people would say nobody notices bald men. But they do. I know because when I look at bald people I thought how old they look. Since I have had the transplants, I have always been told I don’t look my age. I could not have been happier with the turn out. I recommend it and Dr. Kiely highly.”

“Today I have a full head of hair and I feel great and look great. The procedure was very easy. No one knows that I ever had a transplant while I now have a full head of hair.”

Thank you Dr. Kiely, Lynn and Doris! It’s been 17 years since my final procedure by Dr. Kiely. My hair still looks great and I have no regrets about my decision! I am absolutely glad I decided to visit Dr. Kiely for a “no pressure” consultation back in 1983. Soon after the consultation, I chose to schedule an appointment for my first procedure. From that point forward I was never disappointed. Not only was I fortunate to have the procedures performed during a transitional period when I was losing my hair, but I was also fortunate that I found an aesthetically skillful transplant surgeon in Dr. Kiely and his exceptional and superior staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Kiely and his staff to anyone who is interested in pursuing hair transplantation as an option.

B. Mitchell

Dr. Kiely took more time with me on my first visit than the last 5 doctors I have seen–combined! Right away, he pinpointed a possible solution to my hair problem and I am already seeing progress. I am so very happy that I went to this doctor! Not only is he a fantastic and thorough physician, his staff is always friendly and helpful. Hair loss is devastating, especially if you are a woman, and this office understands how important it is and how to help. Thank you!!


I had an unsuccessful hair transplant 40 years ago. My dermatologist, who performs hair transplants, said I didn’t have enough donor sites to make a difference. I looked in the phone book and found an M.D. who personally did the procedure himself with many years of experience. I took a chance and wound up with much more permanent hair than I expected. In addition, there was very little pain. Dr. Kiely and his staff have a very cordial, concerned bedside manner. The entire group inspires great confidence.

Mitchell Davis

Dr. Kiely is a wonderful and easy -going surgeon, who works in a very comforting atmosphere. When I went for my first consultation, I not only met and spoke with Dr. Kiely, but also the team that works alongside him. The staff is all very friendly and supportive, and they treat you like family. Every phone call made was returned promptly, with no question unanswered. I have already had 3 procedures done and am in the process of booking the 4th one. The results are amazing and there is very little discomfort or downtime. I believe highly in Dr. Kiely’s practice and would recommend him to anyone I met looking to have hair transplant surgeries.


Dr. Kiely and his entire staff are extremely professional, very capable, and considerate and are completely committed to meeting and exceeding your goals with hair transplantation. I was referred to Dr. Kiely by another physician, who told me” he’s the best” …. So off I went to have a consult. I had some hair loss in the front of my head above my fore head, and a very healthy donor area in the back of my head. My mission was to have the procedure done without anyone noticing that I “had work done”. My results were outstanding, well exceeding my expectations. Frankly, I was so pleased with the initial two procedures I recommend Dr. Kiely to a few of my friends, who had seen Dr. Kiely on my personal recommendation, had procedures done and were as pleased as I was… then “they” my buddy’s, thanked me. As were as so aware of our hair loss, as minimal in some cases as it may appear, having Dr Kiely “put hair where you want it” makes an overwhelming difference in how you feel and look. Believe me: now after 6 years I have had some hair loss which most people would never notice, however: ( I notice ), so I have recently had Dr. Kiely do a single procedure to increase the density and improve the front hair line. Once again: my results were excellent and now only a few weeks after the procedure I am totally back to normal. I have experienced in all three of my procedures very little, if any discomfort and very minimal interruption in my daily routine. Not only would I endorse and recommend Dr. Kiely, I have been a “repeat customer”. If your thinking about having some work done, do yourself a favor and go have a chat with Dr. Kiely. Their pricing is great, the office is low key and comfortable. Before you go bald, or continue to lose your hair, take action while you can and don’t wait so the procedure is relatively unnoticed and seamless. Here is the “best” thing of all…. recently: at a gathering of buddy’s of mine, (most of them with substantial hair loss or bald ), one pal of mine comes over to me puts his hand on my shoulder and says, ” at least you still have a great head of hair”


Wonderful staff, courteous, comforting and supportive, provides information about process. Great results – so pleased.


Dr Kiely was a caring, professional expert who took time to evaluate my issues. While I am not a candidate for transplant right now, Dr Kiely pointed me in the right direction to address an underlying health issue that is right now being worked on. Without his expertise, I may have not found out my health problem so quickly. He is an excellent doctor, and once I get my general health under control, I will certainly be going back to him for hair options.


Dr. Kiely and staff are not only professionally wonderful but their personalities make the procedure a pleasure to undergo!


I’ve been coming here since 1995. I’m a very satisfied customer. I would highly recommend Dr. Kiely and his staff!!! I would not go anywhere else.


Great staff, friendly, knowledgeable. I’ve been a patient with Dr. Kiely for 7 procedures. I’m very happy with the results, several barbers have said your Dr. has done a great job.


I am a woman in my 50’s and have had hair loss for about ten years. After asking many doctors why I was losing my hair, I made an appointment with John Kiely, M.D. in Rockville. Dr. Kiely asked about my medical history and family history something none of the other doctors did. Dr. Kiely, then had me get blood work so he could determine why I was losing my hair. It turns out my hair loss was a medical reason. After my medication was changed, I scheduled my hair transplant. It’s been a while since my procedure and the results are amazing. I highly recommend John Kiely, M.D. and staff.


I spent several years searching for a hair transplant doctor. My experience with hair transplant clinics was always sun satisfactory. I almost never spoke to a physician at those meetings. My friends with similar hair problems had the same experience. A female friend of mine, who also had hair loss, went to John Kiely, M.D. and she received information that was helpful and encouraging about hair loss. There were several solutions but only one involved surgery. Since there were no medical issues, she chose surgery by John Kiely, M.D. It’s been about a year and because of her result, I made an appointment. It’s been six months and my results have been beyond my expectations.


“I just wanted to let you know I was thrilled with the outcome of the surgery.  I went on my destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica.  I went in the water everyday (while being mindful of sun damage) without a care in the world.  I just dipped my head in the crystal clear ocean (backwards) and the hairline looked incredible!!!

I now have a great head of hair to go along with a beautiful new wife.  I’d be happy to send photos if you like

I have struggled with this since I was 20 years old.  I am 33 now and feel like a kid again…

I may be back one day for some graphs here and there.  Yet, I just wanted to take this time to thank all of you.  I would be happy to represent your company in any fashion you feel would be beneficial to you and others that ever experienced what I went through before you guys…All of you made me feel better, even before the hair grew back!!!”