Dr. Kiely performs hair restoration procedures for patients in Towson, MD.

What Is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration refers to a number of procedures designed to fill in and hide a thinning or receding hairline. It can also be used to fill in bald spots on the patient’s scalp, although it does have its limits. It can only be used to fill in small patches, not large hairless areas.

What Are the Most Recommended Hair Restoration Treatments?

A typical hair restoration procedure involves removing hair follicles from the sides or back of the scalp and implanting it into areas that are thinning or are bald. In that way, it is probably more accurate to call a procedure “hair redistribution” rather than hair restoration.

The most effective hair restoration method for patients in Towson, MD, is to make a series of micro grafts involving individual hair follicles. This makes for a more natural look in the implant site and minimal scarring in the donor site. Larger areas of the scalp can be transplanted in some situations, but that is usually a more difficult procedure due to its greater complexity and less natural-looking results.

How Do I Know What Treatment Is the Best Option?

Not everyone is a viable candidate for hair restoration. Dr. Kiely can help determine what treatment – if any – is right for you. Your treatment options will depend on a number of factors such as your skin and hair color, your age, your overall health, and whether you have a history of hair loss in your family.

About Dr. Kiely

Dr. John Kiely has performed hair restoration procedures for patients in and around Towson, MD, since 1981. He is known for utilizing the latest hair restoration techniques to achieve natural-looking results, and he performs all consultations, surgeries, and follow-ups personally. For more information about hair restoration or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Kiely today.

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