What Is a Hair Transplant?

At our Hair Restoration Surgery Center, Dr. John Kiely performs hair transplant procedures for the residents of Chevy Chase, MD. Balding individuals can receive a hair transplant procedure that involves transferring hair follicles from the body to the scalp. Our physician can also transfer hair follicles to other parts of a man’s body, including the face or chest, to provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What Are the Procedures for a Hair Transplant?

Two popular types of hair transplants are used at our medical facility to restore a natural head of hair to patients. Strip harvesting is the oldest method with portions of a patient’s scalp tissue that has healthy hair follicles removed, before it is stitched on a balding area. This method requires additional stitches at the donor site and creates small scars. A newer method of transplantation called follicular unit extraction uses a sharp punching instrument to remove several hair follicles before punching them into the scalp in a new spot.

How Do I Know What Treatment Is the Best Option?

Dr. Kiely uses several criteria to determine the most appropriate hair transplant procedure for a patient. Strip harvesting is more invasive but is sometimes necessary when baldness is extensive. Most patients are candidates for follicular unit extraction which leads to less scar tissue and faster results.

About Dr. John Kiely

Dr. John Kiely performs hair transplant procedures for the residents of Chevy Chase, MD, at our Hair Restoration Surgery Center. Our website has before and after photographs of many of Dr. Kiely’s 14,000 patients. Because Dr. Kiely has worked in this medical specialty since 1982, he understands how to help a patient look his or her best. Anyone interested in a hair transplant can call us to learn about our current specials.

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