Hair transplant is the process of moving hair from one area to fill another area with no hair or thin hair. Over the years the techniques of hair transplant have changed and they are now painless, scarless and effectual. One of the main methods of hair extraction is follicular unit extraction which involves harvesting individual strands from donor areas which are then transplanted to bald areas by a hair transplant surgeon.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular extraction also known as the follicular transfer is a method of getting hair from an area to be transplanted into another area. The hair follicles obtained are then transplanted to areas with thin or no hair.

How Does Follicular Unit Extraction Work?

The first step is an appointment with a hair transplant surgeon in Crystal City VA who will review your hair. During the consultation the doctor will check the patient's scalp to see the direction of the targeted follicular units.

The donor's hairs are then extracted using an instrument. Depending on the number of follicular units required it may take one or two days. The follicular units are normally taken from areas considered safe donor zones.

After extraction, the follicular units are then treated to make them more refined and then inspected for quality. Follicular units are then chilled to prevent bacteria interference and to preserve them as they await transplantation.

The follicular units are then inserted into the scalp by the surgeon and over a period, hair begins to grow.

How long Do I expect Hair to Grow?

You can expect to see the results of the follicular unit extraction after half a year. After the surgery, you don’t need to go through the procedure because the results are permanent.

Who Should Go through Follicular Unit Extraction

  • If your natural hair can’t grow, then you should consider FUE
  • You are above 25 years of age and you are balding
  • When medically proven hair treatment procedures have solved the balding problem
  • If you have donor's hair, then consider taking the Fue hair transplant Crystal City VA procedure
  • In case you have undergone traumas such as burns that have left you with no hair
  • If you are healthy and have thick donor hair

Are there any Expected Side Effects or Risk involved in the FUE procedure?

  • You may experience itching and swelling in the area the hair is being transplanted
  • Experience shock hair loss which doesn’t last long
  • You may get tiny white scars caused by the incision
What Should You Do before the Fue Hair Transplant Procedure
  • Avoid exposing your scalp to too much sun
  • Don’t take any inflammatory medication one week before the procedure
  • Avoid drinking and smoking before the procedure
  • Don’t apply hair styling products such as hair sprays
What to do After the Procedure
  • Avoid scratching and rubbing the area where the hair has been transplanted
  • Make sure you follow the hair transplant surgeon instructions
  • Avoid strenuous exercise after the hair restoration procedure
  • Cover your head to avoid direct contact with UV rays

Fue Hair transplant is one of the most effective hair restoration procedure with proven hair results. Visit the hair transplant clinic in Crystal City, VA for a consistent, accurate and high technology that guarantee the best hair transplant results.