Follicular Unit Extraction is a technique that use an instrument to get units of hair follicles from an area that has thick hair growth to a bald area or an area where the hair is thinning. Each follicular unit has one to four hairs. The technique which was renamed to follicular unit excision is one of the most successful hair restoration procedure that doesn’t leave any scars.

FUE Surgery Procedure

The FUE hair transplant surgeon extracts the follicular units one by one using a microneedle. The microneedle punches a small incision around the hair follicles before each unit is extracted. Each unit has around four hairs and each hair are transplanted to the balding area. It’s the best method for patients who love to wear their hair short. It’s also ideal if you have a tight scalp or have undergone other hair transplant process without success.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

  • The procedure is not invasive and leaves no scars in the area where the follicles are removed
  • It works well for patients in the early stages of hair loss
  • If you love short hair, then the procedure will work for you
  • Works if you don’t have a problem shaving your hair

Disadvantages of FUE

You will initially have tiny white round scars that are caused by incisions as the hair follicles are removed

  • It may cause numbness, itchiness and swell on areas where the hair is being transplanted
  • You may experience shock hair loss
  • It may take time as the follicles are removed
  • Its recommended for large bald areas

Tips to Ensure a Quick Recovery After the FUE Hair Transplant

  • Avoid taking part in strenuous activities

Doing strenuous gym activities or lifting heavy weight may increase the risk of getting an infection. When exercise you will most likely sweat and that may cause infections.

  • Avoid Alcoholic drinks

Drinking alcoholic drinks may hinder blood supply to the brain and that will affect the recovery process. Keep off alcoholic drinks to ensure a fast recovery

  • Keep your Hands off

It’s tempting to keep touching your head to check on the progress. Avoid touching the areas the hair is transplanted to. That will ensure that the healing process is not hindered.

  • Follow the FUE surgeon instruction

It’s paramount to follow the instructions of the Surgeon to ensure that you heal quickly. The instructions given will ensure that you heal quickly without getting infections. Make sure that you follow the care instruction that you are given at the transplant clinic.

  • Take a Break

Its advisable to take a break after the hair restoration process to ensure you heal completely

Visit the hair transplant clinic in Northern VA and consult the hair transplant surgeon on whether the Fue procedure will work for you. It’s imperative to follow the instructions given by the surgeon before and after the procedure.