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About 20 million American women experience some form of hair loss. Just as is the case for men, androgenic alopecia, also known as female pattern baldness, accounts for the vast majority of cases. The rest may be a result of a temporary condition or scar related. It is not uncommon to find some hormone-related hair loss in female patients, particularly due to thyroid dysfunction. It is, therefore, important to conduct a thorough medical history. Laboratory tests may also be required. In such cases, the hair loss may be reversed to some extent once the underlying medical condition is treated. Surveys indicate that while only about half of men losing their hair are concerned, nearly every woman is concerned and subject to a high psychological impact. It is important for women to know they are not alone when it comes to hair loss. There is good news. There are many ways to handle the issue appropriately. If you are living with with androgenic alopecia or other forms of permanent hair loss, hair transplantation offers the only permanent solution with very little risk involved. Typically, hair loss in women who are subject to androgenic alopecia follows a different pattern than men. Although there may be some variation, the majority will experience thinning behind the hairline, which will progress over time, but rarely will end in total baldness.

Classification of Female Pattern Baldness according to Ludwig

Women Hair Loss Treatment in Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC

Other patterns may be seen but are less common. Dr. Kiely has performed numerous procedures on women with a receding hairline, obtaining excellent results. The good news is that if Dr. Kiely determines that you are a candidate for hair transplantation, women are ideal patients for the procedure. Those looking to add density to their thinning scalp will find a great deal of improvement even after only one procedure.

What Should I Do Next?

Schedule a complimentary consultation to evaluate your hair loss. This will require only about 30 to 45 minutes of your time, depending on how many questions you may have. During this private, confidential consultation, you will meet with Dr. Kiely who will review your medical history, will examine the scalp to determine potential success as a hair transplant candidate, and will rule out any underlying medical condition that may be responsible for the specific hair loss. Laboratory work may be required in some cases, when there may be evidence of a possible underlying medical problem. Dr. Kiely will at that time recommend the number of the grafts required, and the number of procedures to attain density in the treated area. Each step of the process will be explained in full detail, as well as other treatment options and the risks involved. During this consultation, fees will be discussed. The fees vary for each patient and are predicated on the work to be done, type of procedure, number of sessions recommended, and number of grafts. Each of Dr. Kiely’s patients will have a specifically designed treatment plan to fit their individual needs.

Disclaimer: Results vary from patient to patient.

What Is the Cost of Hair Restoration in Washington?

The price of hair restoration varies for each person. The cost depends on the extent of surgery necessary to achieve your individual appearance goal. Dr. Kiely accepts cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), and checks as payment options.

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With more than 30 years of experience and over 14,000 procedures performed treating hair loss for men and women in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, Dr. Kiely recognizes that each patient has unique requirements and desires. His services have improved the lives of people from in and around Baltimore. Dr. Kiely specializes in hair loss solutions for men and women by performing hair transplantation procedures such as Follicular Unit Extraction, Mini-Micro Grafting and Micro Grafting. If you are looking for self-improvement in the form of hair restoration, Dr. Kiely and his professional team will accommodate your needs! Please call 301-468-2335 today to schedule your free initial consultation!